Mayabari is a lifestyle, a cultural and spiritual revolution fuelled by the desire to express ourselves fully in the present moment and do what makes us feel the most alive. We are professional extreme sports athletes, musicians, healers, life adventurers and mindfulness coaches seeking infinite happiness and freedom. We understand the importance of “feeling more” and “thinking less” and to live in synchronicity with nature, our true home. By facing and embracing our fears through extreme sports practice we overcome our mind’s limits. By going away from our comfort zone and from society “normal life” stereotypes we awaken our full potential as human beings. By living a mindfull life, we help raising the vibration of the universe. Our daily mantra is “choose love, not fear”.


“Stay with the light”

Lifestyle, Cultural and Spiritual Revolution.

Choose love, not fear. Think less, feel more.

Contribute to the global awakening of humanity.

All human beings. Altought our training is intended to be for everybody, it extremely benefits people with low self steem and confidence, high levels of stress and anxiety and people who are feeling lost in life and are looking for concrete answers to their problems.

The world has gone crazy, and people minds too. Corporate world and fear based society medium of comunication are killing souls in people. They need a simple remedy, they need to be present, reconnection, freedom. They need to take control over their mind, they need to awake.

Mayabari is intended to be a lifestyle to be applied anywere in the world. However, part of the project is phisically settled in Tarifa, the southernmost town of Spain. Applied and developed worldwide in the 5 continents through yearly expeditions. Also operates through online coaching for people who can not phisically reach us.

Complete Personal Training for body, mind and soul. Connecting extreme sports, medicine music, lifecoaching, worldwide expeditions.

Being in Tarifa allow us to help many people every year, but we realized that travelling to as many countries as possible is gonna be even more effective to spread our message. While the Tarifa project will keep being active, an expedition vehicle will approximatey leave from Tarifa in late 2019 and will cross the entire globe sharing our mind-body-spirit healing knowledge and medicine music all over the world. Different sponsors who believe in Mayabari project will hep us financially for our world awakening trip. We aim to bring a positive change to as many people’ s life as possible.