Mayabari project tarifa


“Be part of a revolutionary project based on unconditional love”

What is Mayabari about?



  • Meaning: “Stay with the light”


  • Category: Lifestyle


  • Slogan: Think less, feel more


  • Religion: Choose love, not fear


  • Target: All human beings


  • Where: Project borned and is based in Tarifa, Spain. Applied worldwide through expeditions


  • Why: To make people happy and free them from the mind trap


  • Metodology: Personal Training for body, mind and soul


  • How: Pushing body and mind limits, everything in possible


  • Vision: Awakening people to unconditional love. Living in the moment. Express ourselves fully. Believe in ourselves. Connecting with mother nature and the universe. Learing how to feel more and think less. Discover new cultures. Explore.


  • Services:  Premium Pro kiteschool (twintip kitesurfing, strapless kitesurfing, hydrofoil kitesurfing) snowkite, off pist snowboarding, surf, apnea, stand up paddle, rock climbing, paragliding (coming soon), life coaching, mindfullness coaching, motivational coaching, awakening coaching, meditation, medicine plants healig, medicine music, extreme sports and spiritual awakening expeditions.


  • Roadmap: Mayabari team is dedicating its full time and energies with the final mission to travel the globe and bring a seed of love in any countries of the world. Being in Tarifa allow us to help many people every year, but we realized that travelling all around the globe is gonna be even more effective to spread our message of love and compassion. An expedition vehicle will approximatey leave from Tarifa (our phisical base) in late 2019 and will cross the entire globe sharing our mind-body-spirit healing knowledge and medicine music with as many people as possible. With the help of many sponsors and the incomes from the courses that will be keeping delivering in Tarifa, we will be able to fully support our long awakening adventure around the world. Spreading love and help the awakening of humanity through many different extreme sports, music therapy, holistic therapies, mindfullness and spiritual awareness talks is our final mission. We will carry all this knowledge on board with us. We hope to help the awakening of thousands of souls during our expedition.

Try mayabari lifestyle in Tarifa, apply it to your life wherever you are and start living a mindfull, happy and present life. Start living from your soul, feeling more and choosing love in any aspects of your life.  Become one with the elements of mother earth. Unlock your full potential. Start believing in yourself and facing your fears. Become aware of your true nature and learn how to live happy forever.